Time To Let Go

Life can sometimes be frustratingly samey. Same coffee every day, same exercise regime, same people you try to count on daily even becomes a choir. Even if you have less of a routine or more influencers, there will still be moments in your life that have become a chore; something that happens daily that you’re pretty bored of. For me, time is the biggest chore. I used to adore waiting for that perfect moment in life, that perfect timing, and creating a new adventure around time, but I’ve become so much of a “time”aholic that anything that makes me wait from longer than 5 minutes just stresses me out, if I’m not enjoying it. So the perfect time is truly in my hated moments pile.

Here are few moments in time that are truly rare, that time doesn’t wait for, that are often extremely special and one of a kind …

Probably the rarest of them all, so I’m starting with this. That wonderfully rare moment when you fall in love and you realise you’re head over heels, there is nothing as magical as a time where you feel in love. The same when you meet the right person and the sparks ignite. Do you have memories that are filled vividly with the first time you told someone you loved them, the first time someone looked at you and your heart melted, the first time you kissed. It’s so special that it’s seared into my memories and it still gives me butterflies when I take myself back to that moment

Not all time can be looked back on fondly. A death in the family or of a close friend can affect everyone in entirely different ways. Watching my mom battle cancer is truly a time where I wish it would go away. This was a moment that I’ll never forget. Yet whilst the emotions are still upsetting and powerful, they concern memories that mean so much to me. They surround a lifetime of special moments with my mother, as I grew up, the things she told me, the things she taught me, the way she laughs. It’s stinging my eyes as I type this, but its teaching me a lot of personal things too and that time doesn’t wait for anyone. And I know that I live my life differently now because of the people I have lost and the things I am losing along the way.

In fact, any moments related to my friends stick with me sentimentally. I don’t see them often and they are like family to me. I have a number of girl friends who are like sisters. We tell each other everything, we go to each other for advice, we can say the daftest, rudest or craziest things to each other and laugh until our stomach’s hurt. They’re there no matter what time it is, the kind of friends who would never even think about bitching about you to another friend, behind your back. Because you’re like family, and anything they want to say, can be said to your face. A next step in your friends life that sticks with you forever in time. It’s an amazing feeling, when you don’t see your friend in 6 months, but as soon as they walk through your front door, it’s like you saw them yesterday. There is nothing more special than knowing you’ll be friends with that person until the very last day. It’s extremely rare to find a life long friend, but it’s the one off moments you share with them along the way that make for the most incredible memories that I time can never take away.

We’re all aiming or waiting for something in life. Our new role, our degree, our graduation, setting up our own business, finding your soulmate; succeeding in the thing we really put our heart into. It’s an incredible moment, to finally see your hard work pay off and to see the pride on everyone’s faces when they realise you nailed it. And for you too, it’s a truly rare moment, to feel that pride in yourself, to give yourself a pat on the back and to congratulate yourself for sticking to your guns and coming out on top. Time truly does fly by so fast. Don’t miss the moments you could have with your children, grandbabies, wives, parents – time is all you have.

The same with drying my hair – it takes 20 minutes and I’m ready for cutting my hair just to make the time more manageable. I’ve started applying less and less makeup products every day. Cleaning in general isn’t my favourite thing, but I do it to waste time, tidying up my closet. Okay, I’ve just realised there are a lot of moments I’m not the biggest fan of, but who actually is when you’re wasting your life away, waiting. We do it, stick on some Pandora song to get through it and move on with the day.

But it’s the rarest of time, the things that don’t happen daily, or weekly or even monthly, that mean the most. They’re the things we remember. These days in between, I can’t remember them even two days later when someone asks me what I’ve done with my time. But the rare moments in time are the vivid memories that will stay with me forever!

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