Gulf Shores World Series Day 3

Guys! I’m taking you straight into Wednesday of our World Series week in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Which left us with a big fat WIN!

We played two afternoon games. We battled to the end, but ended up losing the first game by one run to a team called the Crushers (north of Dallas) and then took the second game on with a total nail biter finishing with a win to the Chargers (also a Texas team).

Truly the games were so close it could have been anyone’s ballgame. We got lucky and our little Xtreme team came to play this day!!

OK OK I know you’re all getting bombarded with baseball pictures, but how could you not be obsessed with all the kid vibes going on. When can you ever throw on your favorite graphic tees, without makeup on in public? Or wear Sandals with dirt all over your toes and not be judged about it? Or living under a shade tree like a total hippie while waiting for the next game? I mean come on! I know I could look at every sports mom out there of their photos for the next few weeks and never get sick of looking at everyone’s #baseballmom styles!

(I’m working on a full fashion post of this so stay tuned for that!)

Just a quick recap of some of my favorites of the weekend…. Like most teams l, some days we on, some days we off. Thankfully we were first off than on this day.

Patton our catcher explains the pitches signs and that the pitch was on the inside of the plate. I’m so glad I don’t have this kids job!

Wonderful catch by our first baseman stellan!

And a few pics from my favorite person of the week

… mister happy pants Cameron. My son is always making some sort of expression, normally at the coach (AKA his dad) none-the-less. He certainly out did himself this year with all his facial expressions. Here is a few photo opps, and this was only Wednesday’s set of pictures …

Snaps of our kids battling for the win …

It was such a beautiful day at the ballpark for a big fat Win!

Best Wishes,



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