World Series Orange Beach Alabama Day 1

Have you ever been too close to the oven and burnt yourself? Multiple that by 10 and that’s what it felt like at the opening ceremonies of the World Series in Orange Beach, Alabama.

When you think of beautiful beaches of gulf shores in this quaint little town you wouldn’t think of coming to be miserable in the heat! Driving through the country side of what looked to be something straight out of the film “Sounds Of Music” Rolling hills, of Fairhope, Al and lots of windy roads (Mind you that we are an hour away from the beach, not what I call fun) No beach or water in sight for miles, and what felt like hours because you had to drive so slow through the windy roads. I swore the GPS had to be wrong, how in the world could it be telling us that we’re pulling up to the coast when we’re still in the hills, theres’s no water and there’s nothing but greenery for what seemed to be for miles. Well, the GPS wasn’t wrong. We finally made it to The Wharf of Gulf Shores. Walking into the stadium your eyes go straight to the enormous crowd of kids that flow into a sweltering pool of sweat! I couldn’t help but snap this shot of Paul in his awesome graphic tee that made me giggle. It’s not me, it’s you, but I couldn’t help but feel like no sir, it’s everyone!

After being greeted with the heat from hell, I snapped some pictures of all the madness, and oh my is my little man ever so handsome. Im not sure about you but all I have ever wanted was a darn cute kid ….well today was my lucky day because I got such a cute picture of him smiling (finally) even if it was only for a second, who could complain. I certainly wasn’t complaining about that.

After searching for a million pins to trade with other teams, (by the way is roughly over 200 teams in this World Series) the heat was yet again blowing us away. We rounded all the boys up for a quick group shot. If you reading this is, I’m open to tips on how to pose baseball group shots. My photography isn’t the greatest so may need to invest in one of these fancy photography systems…just for the cool factor alone, but hey I’m slowly learning as I go!

Sadly our trip is around baseball and being apart of the World Series and will only be here a short time, but what time I do have here will be spent overlooking my child and being thankful for being able to indulge in his memories. We did eat at this one particular place before we traded pins, see below …

Seeing that you are on the coast they have many restaurant options but I opted for this one restaurant called Big Wave David’s Kitchen and Beach Bar. Which was local dishes. If you know me, you know I’m a foodie so of course I had to order everything on the menu to try. Why not right? My diet starts again next week so I’ll take full advantage of being the pig at the table. I have no shame in the piggy game. Kind of neat that they bring you popcorn to snack on. I ordered another local dessert which was an ice cream sandwich they specially make.

Big Wave Daves

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