Barrel Warehouse | Tabasco Factory

If there is one thing that stands out about our trip to the tabasco factory it was the epic smell from the barrel warehouse. It seems that no matter which way we would go, the smell was bound to stop you in your tracks. This is exactly what happen to us, and my poor momma ended up gaging to the point of running away from the warehouse. Anna and I suffered through for pictures but the sour salt that was on top of the barrels almost had me in tears!

It was D I S G U S T I N G!

1. Before you head to the barrel warehouse, make sure you tour the cutest green house of pepper plants.

2. Other than the smell from the sour salt, the barrel warehouse is the perfect place to snap a great background shot!

3. Once you leave the barrel warehouse, you may start to smell the sour salt that is stored on top of serval thousand barrels of tabasco. The warehouse comes alive in a dramatic way as you continue your tour.

4. Some of my favorite pictures Anna captured were the tiny tabasco peppers.

Ultimately my favorite memory was my mom gaging and her turning and running toward the opposite direction. I will never forget her reaction

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