Life In A Habit: Easter Bells

The dream … live debt free, join a monastery, live freely in prayer, live slowly in prayer, and live a simple prayer life.

Over the last year, my grandmother has been going through the process of becoming a nun. Is she really going to do this? Is she really going to commit the rest of her life to a monastery? I must have recited this to my parents countless times on the way to visit her. I guess with my busy life, so full and fast paced, it was a no brainer to ask these questions of concerns. You see the course of the nun process my grandmother is going through, we felt like she was showing mixed signals to us, as we would stop for a quick visit to the cancer treatment center.

Fast track a few months back and we were due for another round of doctor appointments and CAT scans. We always detour toward the monastery on our trips to Georgia. This time it was the week after Easter Sunday. As we walked through the old, wooden doors my grandmother and two other nuns, (the other nuns always prayer over my mom and it’s the sweetest experience to be prayed over by nuns) greeted us in the parlor. We sat down and we could instantly tell how my grandmother is changing from living in the monastery.

The Easter Mass was nothing like she had ever seen before. She began to describe how beautiful it was to witness. She wished we could have been a part of the Mass that morning as the conversation went something like this:

“ya’ll (southern) the bells. The bells just kept ringing. As we all entered the church the bells were so loud but so beautiful. The Priest was standing at the altar and his hand held high, saying, “he has risen”, “he has risen” on repeat. She said, as they all sat down the bells wouldn’t stop and it was such a beautiful Easter morning Mass.

She said to be a part of something so magical like the Easter Mass is something she has never witness before. She said you could feel God’s presents and that there is nowhere else in the world she would rather be than at the monastery praying for her family.

I couldn’t imagine that feeling and telling you as you are reading gives me chills on the story we heard that morning on our way to Georgia. She said that she has been at the convent for such a short time, but she couldn’t fathom stepping outside in the world today. She would be crying to come back home.  What an inspiring story of Easter Mass and I hope someday if life treats me well that I can experience the end of my life living the dream … debt free, joining a monastery, living freely in prayer, living slowly in prayer, and living a simple prayer life.

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