Aimee Kestenberg | Favorite Backpack Bag Ever

I was watching QVC when I first came across this backpack.  The snap lock zipper is what grabbed my attention right away and the hidden organization inside the bag stole my heart. I didn’t realize until I finally got the bag, it comes with the softest, buttery genuine leather one could ever dream of putting their hands on. One of the reasons why I love QVC so much is because not only is it a fashion channel (umm hello) but it has a limited quality of items. Thankfully, I was one of the few to purchase this vanilla, rose gold bag, so if you see this bag and want it, sorry Charlie! However, if you check the Aimee Kestenberg website, she has a large assortment trendy bags that may catch your eye.

So with all this being said, happy Friday everyone! I wanted to take this time to share a causal mom look for your weekend. If I had to choose one website to order clothes from for the rest of my life, Boston Proper would be it! This balloon sleeve dress is exclusively from their page and I’m so in love with the comfort. I have been ordering from BP for years and years for my special occasion attire, casual attire and everything else in-between. Sometimes, I’ll get lucky and catch something on sale but I don’t have patients to wait on clearance items, so I’m usually that girl they see coming head on! There is something incredibly girlie and elegant about Boston Proper. I paired the dress with my favorite kicks and to top off an effortlessly causal mom look, I threw on one of my favorite ball caps from The Catholic Company!

What is so great about this look is that you can start your day off with errands, a little shopping, playground dates, sitting in the stands at the ballfields and then walking into church – all in the same day without having to run home and change. I completed this look by throwing my Aimee Kestenberg backpack over my shoulder for my adventure this day! The bag came in perfect for my Tabasco tour with my momma!

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Pictures | Anna Buller

Bag | aimeekestenberg

Location | Tabasco Center


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