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Sometimes I think how blessed I am to live in Louisiana. At times I have thought are we really in Louisiana right now?! Sitting by the Buddha statue in Jungle Garden was this one time in particular, but to be sitting alongside my mother was nothing short of thinking how blessed I’ve truly been. It was such a free feeling to know in this moment, to walk the beautiful grounds with my mom. Which at times completely forgetting Anna was close by capturing the best memories I’ll never forget.

What to see and do:

Near every day, at some point of the day hundreds of thousands of white pelicans seek refuge in the garden. This makes it look like the swamp is snowing birds and the scenery is breathtaking.

Statue of Buddha

Explore the many hidden trails alongside the main route

Jungle Garden is an extremely popular tourist attraction and for locals it’s the most stunningly draped backdrop for any photographers eye.



Pictures | Anna Buller

Location | Jungle Gardens


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