Jungle Gardens | Lost In Bamboo

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m sharing more pictures from our tour of Jungle Gardens. A stroll through the gardens will take you through an assortment of lined bamboo that is growing along the side of the trails in the gardens. It’s hard not to be charmed by the overly populated bamboo and wherever you look, the tall bamboo is surely catching your eye. However, what caught our eye on this day, were the eerie sounds. We just knew a monster of a gator was watching us from beneath the beautiful bamboo.

Louisiana is known for it’s beautiful culture. Swamp like elements and attracting tourist to visit the uniqueness of our great state. This being said, I sadly was a little disappointed in the Jungle Gardens. Yes, without a doubt it’s a beautiful place to take pictures. However, other than the few neat features on the property, I’m ok with not going back. I was expecting more vibrate colors of flowers. If you have never been I do suggest you go and try it out for yourself. It’s a neat place to say you were a tourist of Jungle Gardens, and I’m happy to have shared this with my mother.

Exploring is a pleasure as the sun shines more often than not in Jungle Gardens, whatever you’re yearning for Louisiana is a good place to come and find it!



Pictures by | Anna Buller

Location | Jungle Gardens


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