The Good Fight | A Mother & Daughter Strength

From the beginning, my mother and I always said, “We will fight”. There is and will be simply no other choice than to fight, together. With one devastating discussion with the oncologist, our lives will be forever changed. These pictures capture and represent us fighting as a mother and daughter should, together. This open field symbolizes a slice of Heaven that we will one day share with no pain, no worries and no threats of cancer.

For now, this is our fight between a mother and a daughter being together fighting. Enjoying the simple things as braiding hair and sharing the love we have for one another. Through strength, unity, and simply enjoying the beauty of life it can be fought like this for now. Life is uncertain, but regardless, we will face all obstacles as a mother and daughter. We hope to inspire and give strength to other families faced with cancer, to never give up the fight.

Best, Kacie

All pictures by: Anna Buller

Location: Jungle Gardens of Avery Island


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