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When the world’s most stylish color is boosting in your closet with statement staples, Avery Island is calling!

This signature look is perfect for your travel adventure days. This look is such a relaxed fit. I love traveling in lose soft cotton that you can wear on repeat. This includes everything from elevated track pants and slouchy sweaters, to throw-on-and-go dresses. And now with bold spring-ready colors, why wouldn’t you want to get out and explore?!

If you ever get a chance to explore the Louisiana coastline, you have to tour the jungle gardens of Avery Island. I have written a little guide below…

Avery island | Jungle Gardens:

How to get there: I drove from my hometown of southwest Louisiana that is about a 2-hour drive. It’s an easy drive off interstate I-10 E, then jumping on Hwy 90 E. From Hwy 90 take La-329 that will lead you straight to the island.

Tickets: the jungle gardens share part of the island with the Tabasco factory so you will have a choice which tour you would like to take. I suggest touring all of what Avery Island has to offer. You can purchase tickets at the jungle garden gift shop, or at the Tabasco entrance.  I would also suggest to bring cash.

What to see and do: once you enter the gardens you have a choice of walking or driving. I HIGHLY suggest driving and stopping at the spots you want to see the most. Along the trails you will find people taking pictures, alligators floating through the water, and birds flying over the bayous. Most of the drive feels like you are driving on a levy, you are surrounded by water on each side of your vehicle.  As you continue along the trail you will come across many resting spots and hidden pathways that lead to beautiful structures for your enjoyment.

What to eat: Unfortunately, there are no restaurants or snacking vendors in the jungle gardens. However, this is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic on one of the open fields or a small ice chest for your car tour.

What to take pictures of: since jungle gardens are perfect for the nature lover in all of us, you can’t miss the beautiful bamboo, the snowy egrets in bird city, the Buddha statue overlooking a beautiful stone bridge, along with many other attractions that catch your eye.

Bathrooms: When you first enter the gardens they have an assortment of port-a-pottyies. Not the finest of options, but HEY when you gotta go, you gotta go! Right?!

Please check the weather as you will never know what the Louisiana weather will hold for the day. The best days are when they are with family and friends, windows down, cruising the swamp roads of jungle garden.



Pictures by | Anna Buller

Location & Information | Avery Island


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