Mother Angelica Classics Live

I love watching Mother Angelica Classics Live on EWTN. You can find her on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. central time. She is my favorite of favorites! There was an episode where she was talking about Heaven’s angels and it’s always stuck with me.

“The most important things can’t be seen with the eye. Ideas can’t be seen. Love can’t be seen. Honor can’t be seen. Our souls are invisible and they give life to our bodies. Angels are invisible, and they’re the most powerful of God’s creatures”.

Mother Angelica explains in many of her books about passages from scriptures; pointing out different ways that angels are described. “In His infinite mercy and justice, God would be obliged to give each of us an angel,” Mother Angelica writes. (There is more to this quote but it’s super long and I’m sure I would rewrite it in a way you wouldn’t understand, so google this quote that Mother Angelica writes) EWTN

I absolutely feel that God has given my mother an angel. For whatever reason, God is keeping her here with us and I can’t help but wonder if it’s Raphael the archangel. You see, the Archangel Raphael is the angel healer of health. When we went to Georgia this last time, we were anticipating a scary CT scan. I didn’t know how else to pray so I googled ”prayers for cancer” and this popped up on my phone. Eight Signs from Archangel Raphael. This stirred my curiosity, so I couldn’t help but scroll down and read it. What caught my eye the most, was that anytime you call upon Rapheal, he’s there. As a way of comforting you and alleviating stress along your way to a healthy recovery, he wants you to know that he’s with you. If you want to know more about the signs, you can find it HERE

Now I’m not sure if it was just me, really wanting to have signs revealed to me so I would calm down, but I just knew he was with us! The ride to Georgia seemed greener and brighter. My mom had several hot flashes as it is mentioned in the eight signs from Archangel Raphael that a person my experience hot flashes. Every time I looked around, I saw shades of green, whether it be through road signs or some other objects. I knew it was just my mind playing tricks on me because I wanted a good report.

While going over the CT scans with the doctor, she said that everything on the CT scan seemed normal expect this one spot on her liver.  She said it isn’t doing anything; just resting on the side of her liver. She said she wanted to go ahead and remove this mass, as chemo wasn’t doing anything for it. After our visit, she sent us to meet the doctor in a room downstairs.  In the small consultation room, there was a painting of flowers with varying shades of emerald green. Odd? Maybe, but the color of the Archangel Raphael is emerald green! We met the doctor who specializes in freezing and burning off masses. He explained that he would rather freeze it off because due to the location of the mass, it is less painful than burning it.

She had the surgery on Easter weekend and is doing wonderful. Somehow my mother finds an inner strength knowing that she is capable of anything. Fighting cancer has shaped her into the inspiration that she is today. Removing this mass is another answered prayer and God has sent his angel, once again, to take away another spot of cancer from my mother. Archangel Raphael is the patron of healing and I can’t help but believe that Mother Angelica is right about Heaven’s angels.




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