The Burning Ambition Of Winners

There is always something to catch the eye on the ball field. It might be an exciting home run one game or the quick double play action of another, but part of the excitement also comes with its fair shares of burses, bellyaches and any other aches and pains you can imagine.

This past weekend was just that for our boys. Any way you tossed it, the ball was definitely not in our favor.  For one, it was freezing cold, rainy, and windy, and those poor boys had no choice but to get over their fears. Therefore, with fear in their gloves and bruises all the way from their ankles to their fingers, they persevered into the final championship game and took second place for the USSSA title in Beaumont, Texas.

Xtreme always pull out this burning ambition to win. Somewhere in those little bruised and cold hands rekindled their determination, and ultimately rediscovered their love for the game.  Without these burses, bellyaches and any other aches and pains you can imagine, this without a doubt makes Xtreme who they are today.





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