Little Of This Little Of That At The Fresh Market

I want to share a little of this and a little of that from The Fresh Market. Since The Fresh Market is mostly organic products expect items to be a little more costly. Organic farming are high labor intensive so I don’t mind spending the extra cash. Also, I always examine berries such as strawberries, be cautious of mold. There are so many benefits from organic foods. It’s so good for our environment and better for our animals! If you can’t get to The Fresh Market here is a little tip to keep in mind when choosing your grocery shopping itinerary:

try to shop around the periphery of a supermarket. That’s where all the fresh food is; the middle is where all the processed food lives.

Also, if you ever get a chance the wine selection is one of my favorite parts to tour in The Fresh Market, with an assortment of budget friendly wines for your taste buds!



All Pictures | Anna Buller

Location| The Fresh Market


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