Grocery Shopping Tips

I was raised by excellent cooks. My parents love cooking! I grew up on my dads ritual preparation of Bar-B-Que chicken and fried catfish, followed by an excellent side dish of homemade mac and cheese my mom would make to follow. Her famous seven layer delight would top off an afternoon of quality time well spent.

Along with these memories I would retained from my childhood, I have retained a few good tips when grocery shopping from my parents.

1. Never grocery shop when you’re hungry! When this happens you stop thinking about eating well and saving money.

2. Buy fish and fruit when they are in season. It’s cheaper on your pocket book.

3. Compare prices, bargain hunt!

4. Generic brands are not always the right choice especially when you’re shopping organically.

5. Be prepared to pay more for special foods like vegan products or dairy free products.

6. Sometimes the best places to shop are your local fresh markets or farm owned.

7. The leaner your meats the less grisly and fatty.

8. Pay attention to your prices when you’re checking out. Sometimes items are scanned more than once or an item may not be rung up by specials.

9. Don’t let god go bad. Freeze it!

10. Sometimes couponing isn’t the best option either.

11. Beware of shopping at Everything A Buck stores. Just because it sounds like a great deal you can usually get some items cheaper than a buck elsewhere!

12. Making a list and sticking to that list

13. Freezer bags like vegetables or dry goods like beans may be more appropriate in bulk items. Scoop when needed and not as wasteful.

14. For onions or bell peppers buy several at a time, chop up and place in ziplock bags to store in freezer. This makes food preparation easier.

Do you guys have any special grocery shopping tips?



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