Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory | Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I’m finally wrapping up all of my pictures from Galveston Island with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. If I had to pick my favorite experience with Anna on our Galveston adventure, it would be the trip to Porch Café and a walk-in to the chocolate factory. Although, I’ll never forget meeting some interesting people at Gypsy Joynt. You can find those adventures in the links below.

I first intended for these pictures to be posted around Valentine’s Day to inspire you all with chocolate covered strawberries and a little story about our adventure. Now, I’m hoping these pictures will inspire you for Easter treats!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is my favorite candy store to visit. Because HELLO, it’s a chocolate store! Upon stepping through the doors, you are immediately greeted with everything CHOCOLATE!  Check out these beautiful, big Granny Smith apples. While there, I was able to chat with the owner for a few minutes.  I asked him what he did to insure that all of his guests got a perfect delight during their visit. He wakes up super early and begins stirring the caramel to the perfect consistency, which usually takes about 45 minutes. Every morning you can find him by the windows of the candy shop serving fresh chocolate covered apples. The shop smelled sooooo good! Like a river of chocolates ‘aaaaa’ so good!

Last but not least, they have an amazing assortment of other chocolates, like these huge chocolate covered strawberries! Chocolate covered strawberries are so quick and easy, and a delicious spring snack. The concept is simple but full of flavor!  Chocolate covered anything excites me in an Easter basket, but something about fresh fruit covered in chocolate tops them all!

I’ll be sharing refreshing recipes this spring! How about fresh dipped chocolate covered bananas! YES PLEASE!



Pictures | Anna Buller

Location | Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Galveston Blog Post | Here and Here


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