The Steep House

The Steep House. A petite coffee and tea house that welcomes any and all macaroon lovers!

The allure of this house called Anna and myself from east of Lake Charles. We set out on the ultimate coffee shop trip. The Steep House is the ideal place to chill.  The layout was indeed cozy and warm and feminine, surrounding us with a chic atmosphere that we are unlikely to forget.

We thrilled our taste buds with the most amazing on the most amazing avocado toast; I sipped on hot black tea and Anna had a refreshing cold raspberry tea.

While The Steep House is known for their teas, coffees, and such, they also offer the most amazing ice cream macaroons. YES! ICE CREAM MACAROONS! If you ever get a chance to visit The Steep House, this is a must!

A morning of curiously was well spent as the rain filtered through the windows, while listening to the sounds of friends chatting in a cozy corner. The Steep House had cast it’s spell and we left with a handful of photos and our minds full of excitement on our next visit to this petite coffee and tea house!



The Steep House

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The Steep House


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