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There is so much joy to be had in a shared passion or hobby. You see, my son shares the passion of baseball with his fellow ball players and over the years, this has turned into a true brotherhood. These friendships not only give them an opportunity to learn skills in a supportive environment, but they also boost self-esteem and a sense of achievement. We can learn so much more, too, by sharing and working alongside others with similar interests. It just so happens that our connection is through a “diamond”. If you are considering joining a travel ball team this year, here are some benefits you may discover. Finding your tribe can be a truly heartwarming experience for you and your ballplayer. You will undoubtedly make some new friends that could possibility turn into a lifelong brotherhood.

1. Make sure you feel good about your sense of belonging; with the right team you can seek advice, gain support, and find inspiration. This is a valuable time and age to show your ballplayers kindness and encouragement.

2. Feeling out of your comfort box? Sometimes you just have to go with it! This is a good way to refocus and recharge with something different. I little time away from the norm can be uplifting from something different can be uplifting. This enables us to have a healthy balance of work and play.

3. Making new friends may be intimidating for you and your ballplayer at first, especially if it’s something you don’t regularly do. But being brave shows your child they can be too. That is usually the hardest part as a newbie. Everyone feels that way at first. Everyone!   Once you are off the field the first day, tell your child how brave they were and what they achieved.

4. Welcome new ideas! You never know what you can add to your playbook with a fresh perspective. Seeing a new technique can help build a players confidence in what you’re already doing or a way you may have not considered. So much can be gained by working beside each other on a positive team surrounded by your biggest fans!

5. Connect! There are 1.1 billion Facebook groups out there, so what is one more to the mix of social media! By sharing and supporting, your group can influence others. We all have different skills and experience!

Lastly, a great way to break in a fresh new season is to host a fundraiser! This gets everyone excited for the first day of practice and a chance to reconnect with friends! As you can see below, we hosted a HUGE garage sale! This is just another way to influence a positive environment around your little ballplayers!




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