ParadiseRoads Style Guide

I wanted to take the time and share a few guide lines when it comes to accessorizing your looks for transitioning into more of a spring vibe! Happy weekend love bugs!

1. You can easily accessorize with jewelry for daytime or evening look. A necklace looks just as effective on bare skin as it does layered on top of a shirt or turtleneck.

2. If you’re wearing flats or a sandal you should wear cropped pants so that you can see the ankles. If you do this, it’s great to add colorful socks.

3. When I’m wearing heels, I often like to wear an extra-long, wide-leg pant, so that you can only just see the tips of the toe peeping out from underneath.

4. For a masculine daytime look style a button down shirtdress, add a playful pop of color to your heels or flats.

5. Every woman should have a heeled pump, a flat shoe, and a pair of sneakers.

6. Wearability is key.  A shoe might be beautiful to look at, but if it doesn’t have the right balance and mechanical knowledge it is pointless.

7. When a tiny girl is wearing huge platforms it’s a terrible mess. It shouldn’t  be about distorting her figure but enhancing it with a classy heel.

8. Think about how you move if you can’t walk in heels, then a tinny heel or flats can look just as elegant and classy on a women.

9. It’s not only about how a heel looks or what designers it’s from, it’s about her posture when she puts them on, about her confidence and mood.

10. Buy things that enhance what you like best about your appearance and try new ways of wearing old clothes.

What are your rules when it comes to your high heels?!



**all pictures by Anna Buller


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