Turn Up Your Everyday Style With P.S. Jewelry

I’m always updating my wardrobe, and I want to share what I find with you! Today, Im sharing my spring wish list and I hope it will inspire you for this lovely time of year.  A great way to start my spring is with soft ruffles and tassels, to plenty of hats, and dainty jewels.

Below is a roundup of what I’ll be updating my spring wardrobe with this season. Also, the pictures that Anna took are some fabulous pieces from P.S. Jewelry.

Last but not least, TREAT YOURSELF! I mean it, don’t forget to splurge on yourself once in a while and buy the things you want. I’ll take one of each please ….

1. Nike Kicks

2. Conair Root Booster Brush

3. Vanilla Rose Gold Bag

4. Neck Blouse

5. Baby Bag

6. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

7. Beach Top Here

8. Lip Butter

9. Skin Care Kit

10. Flats



All pictures by Anna Buller


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