Gypsy Joynt | Downtown Galveston

I never gave Gypsy Joynt much thought from the outside, but as soon as you step into the restaurant, it doesn’t take you long to get into the groove of the atmosphere. Everything and anything dangles from the ceiling cascading down, and blends in with the walls. It’s a great family dinning place when you are spending your vacation on the island. While I love being your typical beach bum, Gypsy Joynt brings an eclectic mix of Galveston’s downtown city life.

If you want to capture your vacation memories on camera, I suggest walking into Gypsy Joynt for some awesome pictures, unique food, and catching their artful approach to gather us islanders. The experience begins with grabbing your own menu (it reminds me of Steamboat Bills) then you order. I highly suggest ordering the Shrimp quesadilla they have slices pineapple mixed into the cheese, and it’s pretty fabulous. Anna captured this gorgeous snap of them before I engorged my face!

After all is said and done, a restaurant like Gypsy Joynt is such a memorable way to impact a dining and food experience on your vacation or weekend getaway. It’s an experience for yourself and within a groovy atmosphere. So grab your fringe gypsy shawl and fill the room with unforgettable memories!

Below are a few links to Gypsy Joynt

Location | Gypsy Joynt

Facebook | Gypsy Joynt FB

Pictures By | Anna Buller




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