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If you stroll around my house, you’ll find small items tucked away in unobtrusive spaces. Like how my shell statement necklace hangs on a sea glass vase or my beach chic décor seems mismatched with rhinestone picture frames. They might feel minor to most, but I know that they are keepsakes from my travels, and I keep them close to my heart.

Just as you stroll around Galveston Island, you find small places tucked away in unobtrusive spaces.  A chic little gem sits along the shoreline, called Beachtown. Located in Beachtown, there is an amazing restaurant that would be great unobtrusive place to visit with friends, have a glass of wine with your spouse, or even chill with your pooch on the porch for Sunday brunch. This secret spot is called, Porch Café. The very chic community of Beachtown is on the east end of Galveston Island.

With this being said, today we seem to jet from place to place more often than ever before, especially with the popularity of the “long weekend” trips. Beachtown community is a hidden gem for those ideal getaway trips. You will need to make reservations in advance, especially during peak season. If you want to get away from the overly crowded seawall and are looking for more of a charming unobtrusive getaway, Porch Café will not let you down. The restaurant sits steps away from the beach with an inviting wrap-around porch.

I highly recommend this cozy spot for your next long weekend adventure. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not make Porch Café the next unobtrusive spot with your love?

The Porch Café has a host of select wine. Try the white wine, ‘Left Coast Pinot Gris’ from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. (Oregon wines, in my option, taste better than the California wines). On the red wine menu try, ‘Penfolds Bin 9’ or the ‘Novelty Hill’.  ***raise your hand if you’re screaming for a wine tasting party now?

Why not bring home an extra bottle of wine from Porch Café and place it in that “unobtrusive place” where you collect your favorite memories.  This is how we collect our memories. How we choose to remember our travels. Let Porch Café be a variation from the Galveston attractions you have been use too. Sometimes a more unobtrusive getaway like the Porch Café is certainly a keepsake worth investing in.



***this post is in collaboration with Porch Cafe

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