Yoga Y’all

What’s better than a smoothie? Yoga Ya’ll! No seriously, – Yoga Y’all and I’m about to tell you my newest obsession.

I’m following the trend of sipping green drinks and starting 2018 off with a healthier outlook, Yoga Y’all Facebook open their doors on Nelson road and I couldn’t be happier.

Before the 2017 holidays Main Squeeze Juice hosted a private event and I was beyond trilled to be a part of their guest list. With friendly staff this is where I was introduced to Yoga Ya’ll. The yoga center and juice bar are combine around all the best elements of a good social hour under one roof. Each yoga session give you 60 minutes of pure zen bless.

I love how easy friendly their website is Schedule Classes which allows you to sign up in advance and allows you to see which class is perfect for you. I personally recommend the 11:00 sessions on Saturdays with Miranda. #girlcrush

Sunday mornings with Christina are just as wonderful. I went this past Sunday and Christina had my yoga mat, blocks, blanket and everything else for your convenience. **thank you Christina so nice!

Also if you want more of a fast flow, try during a week experience. I did one recently with Miranda on a Tuesday (vinyasa) and it was intense both emotional and physical. Loved this one.

AND NEWS FLASH, if you are unsure if yoga is right or not for you, your first class is free of charge! HELLERRR!

Point is, ya can’t go wrong. So go book a RSVP for yourself and a friend.

I’m sorry but I can’t blog without pouring my heart out. I just can’t do it….

I knew I was intrigued with yoga, but I had heard so many negative things about the practice. HOWEVER, I’m a firm believer of finding things out on my own, and I’m so glad I didn’t listen to anyone. I was able to experience my very first yoga with a friend and I’m so glad we were together. It was comforting to look over and share a smile, as in “what have we gotten ourselves into Kacie”. It turned out to be a wonderful session together and I’ll never forget sharing my first yoga class together.

Also, here is a little FYI – at the end of each cool down, the yoga instructor comes around with aromas, as they massage your neck, shoulders, and face.

Second experience was by myself, and I encourage you to take a yoga class alone. My first experience was great, but there is something about being alone to focus more on your breathing was gratifying. I swore I was getting teary eyed at one point and I had to regroup before someone caught me. You see, I had just gotten back from the Cancer Treatment Center with my mom, and I was already a ball of emotions.

Stepping into ‘Yoga Ya’ll’ was a vibe I felt within the music, within the dim lights, and within the aromas, it was a sense of peace, and some days, you just need to interact with a refreshing new way to release stress.

You can certainly practice yoga on your own, but I suggest seeking out a good yoga teacher who knows how to work with people. Simplicity and peace might just be the keyword for the New Year. Not for the sole purpose of doing less, but for the sake of enjoying what we do more. This year, become self-compassionate and have more of an open mind one breath at a time. Happy yoga ya’ll!

All photos by: Studio Underground

c/o Anna Buller




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