Casual New Years Eve

I just want to say that this blog will be all over the place in 2018 … you know it’s similar to my life now, ha! I want to totally be an open book in 2018 and really get into LIFE! I am obsessed with adventuring, travel, cafes, photography, my friends, family, fashion, and my faith! Get ready 2018 I’m coming for ya!

The first thing I’m starting in 2018 is working out and eating better. So original right?! I’m praying for another successful year with my mother who if you don’t know by now, is battling ovarian cancer and unfortunately now is suffering the side effects of Lymphedema. Lymphedema is the fluid that causes outrageous swelling. You see, her lymph nodes were removed during surgery, now the fluid doesn’t have an easy-flow causing fluid to spread throughout her limbs. This is the easiest way to describe – AKA (dummy proof)

Anyhow, lets talk about New Year’s Eve …

New Year’s Eve has never really been a big deal to me. Sure, I have celebrated at parties and counted down the minutes with huge crowds, but that is not my ultimate dream of ringing in the New Year. I’m not a fan of being the responsible one and having to make sure we get home ok, and I hate smelling like cigarette smoke, especially when I spend a fortune on my appearance.

Although I enjoy traveling and adventuring off, I’m a homebody at heart. If you know anything about me, you know its the truth.

Outfit details | sparkle top: Saks | skirt and heels Dillard’s | socks: Free People

I’ll definitely be sporting a pair of sparkle socks this New Year’s Eve!! What is your favorite date night or New Year’s Eve plans?




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