The Hit List For Last Minute Shoppers

It’s the very last weekend before Christmas! I can’t wait for it to be over with. You too? If you are a last minute shopper like me, here are a few ideas I have whipped up for you, that are just about for everyone on your list! Happy shopping ya’ll!

For Dad

1. A pair of tough guy gloves. I love these here

2. Hand twisted roasting forks. Great idea to spend with the kids or grandkids

3. Cast Iron skillets

4. Coffee Grinder / Meat Grinder

5. Personalizable Copper Paracord Pocket Rosary

For Mom

1. Floral Garden Arm Saver Gloves

2. Rain Boots

3. Garden Apron

4. Market Backpack

5. Desk Calendar

For Him

1. Slip On Mules

2. Plaid knit Throw Blanket

3. Shaving Kit

4. Wallet

5. The man bag

For Her

1. Bread Board

2. Bookends

3. Bar Soap

4. Makeup Brushes

5. Set of teacups

The Kiddos: The girls Teens

1. Girl Tassel Earrings

2. Set of Lip Gloss

3. Beauty Bag Set

4. Choker

5. Pajama Set

The Kiddos: The Boys Teens

1. Sport watch

2. Sunglasses

3. Baseball Hat

4. Backpack

5. Socks

The Grandfather

1. Pocket watch


2. Gift certificate to dinner

The Grandmother

1. Pin or brooches

2. Basket of yarn if knits or basket of sewing items

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer ideas

1. Vitamins / care packages

2. Cocktail Ring

3. Hair Set / Folding Comb

4. Travel size products

5. Phone Case Cover

People With Disabilities

Little kid gifts make great ideas for them or for elderly people in nursing homes. Here are top five ideas. Basket full of colors, markets, paints, books to draw in.

My number one item is a sewing kit which can be found at The Catholic Company

1. Sewing Kit For Disability People

2. Sewing kit Number Two

Details about the pictures…

my mom has saved most of her old brooches. Give your grandmother, mom, or your bestie a beautiful brooch this season.

Also another great bestie idea is a cocktail ring. It will always make a huge impression when she wears it, and she will always think of you.




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