The Museum at Grand Coteau | Top Favorite Gift Items for Moms/Wives … and a Nun

After my dad and I toured the shine of St. John Berchman we toured the museum of the Sacred Heart Academy. It’s really not much of a museum but if you like these kind of things and enjoy reading about the history of how the academy was established then you will enjoy these pictures and maybe a tour for yourself one day.

Pretty much every item in the  museum consisted around a nun. This was even more so intriguing to me, just the fact that my grandmother will be joining a monastery after the holidays this year.

I’m including my top favorite gift items for the Mom/Wives via: The Catholic Company

  1. Madonna Child Statue
  2. Cookbook and Apron Gift Set
  3. Catholic Moms Desk Calendar
  4. Crystal Cuff Bracelet
  5. Vintage Canvas Tote Bag
  6. Kitchen Madonna White Statue
  7. Mom Cards
  8. Baby Feet Pearl Charm Necklace
  9. Crystal Necklace
  10. Compact Mirror

Now what if you are thinking of getting a Nun something for Christmas? Since my grandmother will becoming a nun, here are my top 5 favorite gift items for those who don’t really need anything and/or can’t have anything for their homes.

Stationery Items of course!!! This way, she can write to her family and friends. She will have a full set of cards, journals, pens and paper, all from The Catholic Company

  1. Personalized Journal
  2. Colored Pencils
  3. Engraveable Gift Box
  4. Daily Life Card Set
  5. Coloring Cards Colorful Blessings


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