Student of the Year Nominee

Before I get into this post, if you haven’t noticed my blog has a fresh face. I teamed up with Laura from Blogerize. At first, I thought she was a robot. No way was I ever going to give my private information and have someone else hold my most precious blogging memories in their hands. I was very concerned at first. Then I reached out and asked a blogging buddy if she was real. She was!

Laura and I went back and forth and she was so helpful. I had no idea what “hosting” your own blog meant, and “jetpacks”, and anything else technical she used in the emails, but she made my blog look amazing. Then I realized that my design Blogerize came up with, was just the same as another blogger. Laura jumped on it and created a new layout within minutes. So far, I’m very pleased with my new design! I would love for you guys to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the new face lift!!

YAY Laura!!

Ok, I just realized that I never got a chance to share my personal BeauFair pictures. I love seeing these two together. They make my heart melt. Every year whether Cameron likes it or not I enter his art work from school. Every year! We now have a picture collage from all his “famous” drawings and art work!

Cameron was nominated for Student of the Year. Today was his interview. I’m sooo nervous as all the kiddos selected for this special title, are super smart and talented. We were practicing for the interview questions last night and one of the questions asked, “Who is your inspiration?”

Cameron said, his inspiration was his nanny and quote, “my nanny is my inspiration, she has cancer and she is teaching me to be brave.”

He is already Student of the Year to us!! I’m so proud of you Cameron.



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