Happy Halloween | Bird of Paradise

Halloween. The highlight of the month of October. Yet, for quite a number us, the thought of dressing up inspires waves of anxiety. How to be original? How to look good when you’re all dark and gory? How to act, as you haven’t tried too hard when you have! The trick is to pick something iconic from your own closet that evokes the spirit of Halloween, but also transition seamlessly into a style that you can sport the rest of the season.

With this in mind, I would like to show you what I’ve game up with out of my closet this year. I hope it may inspire you for your last minute Halloween adventures. MWAH-HAHA-HA

Why did I pick to be a bird?

It was a group effort in recreating a Jurassic Park theme. I knew I wanted something other than the basic safari attire. Like Shauntelle, my makeup artist said in the previous post, Halloween gives you a day to be something other than yourself.

When picking out items from your closet

I always try to color coordinate with the theme. However, black pairs well with anything, as does shirtdresses. I paired a black shirtdress with a seasonal cape. I wanted a more grunge dark vibe that added to the look and through in some heavy buckle boots for today’s festivities. If you want to spice it up for night, try over-the-knee boots for a statement party piece, which is exactly the right balance for Halloween.




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