Fall Inspired Braids | How-To Rope Braid

Just because it’s hat season doesn’t mean your hair needs to be hidden! Braids are here to stay no matter what season we are transitioning to. I don’t know why, but this fall season has been so inspiring for me to wear more braids than in the summer months. I guess because  I love loose, easy relaxed braids for festivals. It adds just the right amount of style to the coziest of months!

For inspiration for fall braids, focus on thick, messy braids that will invite fall winds to weave through each strand. Nothing is prettier than a beautiful girl as the wind is blowing her hair. A big thick braid adds texture, fullness, and dimension.

Below is one of my favorite how-to instructions on a fun rope braid.

1. Create a deep part to one side and split hair into two sections.
2. Craft a rope braid by using a two strand braiding technique (identical to the approach you would use for a three strand French braid) on the side with the deeper part by braiding only the front section of your hair and secure with a hair tie.
3. On the remaining side with less hair, craft another rope braid and swing over the top of your first rope braid to add dimension and fullness. Slightly tug at each braid to create fullness.
4. With the remaining hair at the back of your head, create a French braid and swing over the braid in the direction of the previous braids. Secure with a hair tie.
5. Take your front facing braid and twist around remaining braids and loop the ends through an existing braid to create dimension and unify braids. This step helps to create one large, big braid.
6. Wrap the remaining ends around the elastic hair tie and secure with a hairpin.




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