Through My Lens | Just Ordinary Pictures And One Photography Tip

Whenever I interviewed with KPLC for the first time, a reporter asked me, “how do you incorporate fashion into cancer?” I told her the obvious ways, like trending socks and fashionable night gowns, but there are more ways I incorporate fashion into cancer that really has nothing to do with “fashion”. Ok maybe a little, but  It’s about being around the presence of mothers and daughters.

This past weekend I was able to take pictures for a friend. Her daughter was going to a junior high dance and asked if I minded taking pictures of her daughter. Without a doubt, I was there ready to shoot. I instantly felt the bond between their kids they shared. I witness grandmothers sharing the same love between their daughters and grand babies. Which made me think of ways to capture the things most photographers crop out or the things we might not notice each and everyday. Like the way I captured a grandmothers hand fixing her granddaughters dress. And the way mothers are waiting to post pictures with their iPhones to their social media feeds. It’s in these moment that I incorporate cancer. You see, I try not to get so wrapped up in wanting that perfect shot. I appreciate sharing a moment that I was once able I share with my mom growing up. These moments surrounded by girlie fashionable things, like getting ready or homecoming, reminds me of my early pageant years as my mother would make sure every hair, every bow was in place. It helps me get my mind off of cancer for a moment, but yet to think of my mother in others way we have shared our own bond.

If I could share one tip. This is what it would be … shoot one ordinary shot of something. Anything. I promise once you do this, your pictures will start to tell a story. This is one NON-professional tip I can bring to the table. Everything has a story. Everything.




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