Through My Lens | Junior High Fashion Trends

Can we just take a moment to see how beautiful these kids are. Welcome to, true inspiration, glamorous, elegant and well-tailored kids of junior high.

When I first laid my eyes on these kids, I instantly thought of one of my favorite movies from the late 1930’s called, “A River Runs Through It” starring Brad Pitt. These kids nailed it, with full glamour and style.

I don’t think high shine, sheer or sequins will ever go out of style. In fact, this winters new mood practically demands it!

Sequins and shine is everywhere!! And if you don’t believe me, check out my friends blog! She recently went to the Mimosa Fashion Show and her outfit was the prettiest little outfit there. Her top was full shine and sequins!

You can check her blog and instagram out here: jessikaChaconasSee   You don’t want to miss her bargan deals and steals.

There are dresses made for dancing and shimmering, shoes that scream for attention, like these little pink sneakers in this post. They make such statement! These kids definitely made a lasting impression on me.

Anyways, another big trend right now is hair! And lots of it! Meaning braids for days! I’m loving all the neat hairstyle you can pull together with a braid. I love to sleep in braids for perfect beach waves the next day!

Im also loving headbands right now. They can add those little extra details. It’s every little girls favorite accessory!

If you’re over the headbands, try a wrap or adding a scarf to your ponytail. So many great ideas for the fall festivities coming up.

Another trend right now is dark florals and lace. This strikes the perfect balance between girlie and sophistication, no matter what age. As an adult, think about how pretty a blue, lace dress would be, paired with a winter cape this season.

I cant leave out my guys! Suspenders and  bow ties, yes please!

I’m so inspired by these kids. Thanks for adding all these playful touches to the mix for us adults!




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