Five Tips For Mixing And Matching

No matter what age, the fact that we can express ourselves creatively through fashion is a gift. And how we show up in the small things will reflect how we show up in the bigger, unexpected moments of our lives. Lets face it, un-expecting and last minute plans happen more than we care to admit, and running to your closet with “nothing to wear” in a panic can be freighting. Below are five of my own personal thoughts on how NOT to be intimidated when the last minute plans happen.

1. Notice the thoughts that come to your mind as you’re getting dressed?! Do not judge yourself.
“If I only had that dress so-and-so had”, “If I could lose that extra 10 pounds”. This alone will start your last minute plans off badly before you even get out of the house! Instead, turn your thoughts into unexpected pairing! Be a storyteller.

2. Yes you heard me unexpected pairing. Forget any rules you think you have to abide by when it comes to mixing colors. Layer and Pair your most vivid and vibrant pieces.

3. Are they clashing – then you’re doing it right! I paired this striking watermelon graphic tee and mixed it with this bold black and white pencil skirt. I threw in a pair of funky summer shades for an extra splash of energy. Be creative. Be Versatile.

4. If you are not sure about the extra energy for an afternoon dinner, then pair your striped separates together or layer them with your got to neutrals. Be curious to what you have in your closet that you can pull out. Don’t settle for your same “go-to” outfit. Play it safe but play it up!

5. If you don’t love it, then get rid of it. This will save you time and keep the thoughts of not judging yourself away. For me, this only takes a few minute to get ready in the mornings for work. I separate my work attire from my blogging/lifestyle attire. My work attire is only a small collection of outfits, while my weekend wear is very different from my work pieces.

Focus on one or two of the minor changes and practice incorporating them into your life and wardrobe this summer. Have fun this summer and don’t panic if the last minute changes accrue.

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Top: Amazon (10.99) | Pencil Skirt: White House Black Market | Sunnies: Quad | Watch: Michael Khors | Statement Necklace: Betsey Johnson | Lipstick: Stila in “Fiery”

****all pictures photographed by Anna Buller here:

and also here via Instagram: stdo_underground



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