2017 Safari with ParadiseRoads

i recently spent the morning in the most incredible place, surrounded by gentle giants and horses of a different color. During that morning it was raining and I couldn’t help but think, please God don’t let my tour get cancelled. Thankfully the tour guide promised they would do whatever it took to get me out among the animals. Sure enough within an hour I was cruising along in the back of the jeep, enjoying every minute of what the safari had to offer. This private tour was the perfect way to experience the awesome views, a bucket of my own feed, and the best outdoor fun, while connecting with nature. Each minute was full of adventure. My jeep followed along side of the animals and it felt like I was seriously in Jurassic Park. This was truly the perfect safari wrapped in a unique 90 acres, free range terrain. The biggest problem was sharing the feed and deciding which animal you were going to spoil the most.


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