Touring The Dutch Windmill

I recently took a trip to get a taste of the Dutch culture. I think if I was living back in those days or even in the land of the Dutch today, I would definitely fit in with the love of their society. Much of the Dutch are Roman Catholic and they care deeply about their beliefs. And did I mention how they highly they value their fashion? At the same time, they are very private people and pay attention to the smallest details. Appearances are super important to the Dutch. They strive to show everyone much respect and beliefs. The Dutch culture is so fascinating to me. I love how they lived in windmills and why they built them. The dutch shoes were so neat to try on although, they are VERY uncomfortable!! This day was such a fun experience to tour around the windmill.

Also, just an FYI if you follow my blog, I just want to tell you thank you! I really appreciate you subscribing and wanting to follow along my journey. Thank you.


Xoxo, Kacie



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