My Top 10 Birthday Parties

Cameron just recently had his 11th birthday party this past weekend. We were only limited to a few of his friends due to the package at the trampoline park, which consisted of his baseball friends. This was his 11th birthday party and time surely has flown by. I use to create these adorable little parties when he was a baby and growing into his toddler years. The last “fancy” party I created was his 8th birthday. It was a tailgate (8) complete with a lined football field in the backyard.
As Cameron is getting older its harder and harder to plan or create something “mom” wants to do, so now I have to plan and create around his mind. Chucky Cheese. out. Boring parties at home. Out. And trust me if you know me, you know how devastating his has been for me. Now the only thing I can look forward to doing is making sure our guest have excellent goodie bags to take home. At the end of the party, each limited guest received odds and ends on what every boy turning 11 should have!
WHOOPEE Cushion and funny faces of course!
Below have been a few of my favorite parties I have thrown for Cameron.


1. The Ultimate Construction Crew Party
2. The Ultimate Tail-8
3. The Ultimate Dinosaur/Jungle Party
4. The Ultimate Lego Worrier Ninja
5. The Ultimate Curious Party
6. The Ultimate Monster Party
7. The Ultimate Pizza Party
8. The Ultimate Swimming Pool Party
9. Baby Dot Party
10. The Ultimate Sports Party


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