12 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are called mans best friend, so if you yearn for a devoted companion who can improve your quality of life and make you smile, what are you waiting for?

Buddy (the shaved poodle) has been the best thing that has happen to my mom in a long time. It makes her happy and dealing with cancer she needs that more than ever right now. It was like they were made for one another! Below are reasons why you should invest in a four legged companion …

1. Who in your close network of family and friends could relied on to stick by your side through think and thin? Not question any of your decisions and be thrilled to see you when you walk in the door every single day? And that goes for when you are in a grumpy mood!

2. They do their utmost to make you smile every single day of their life!

3. Dogs, mans best friend, come in every shape and size and personalities but one thing they all share is that they have a capacity to make us happier and healthier!

4. Take a dog for two 30 minute walks a day, think of all those miles you can walk in a year with your four legged companion! A new dog and a new cardio fitness with stronger muscles and bones for yourself!

5. Not even walks that will add to your fitness but petting a dog alone has beneficial effects for depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches and colds!

6. They calm worrying too

7. Most importantly they will never once criticize you or correct you! You are perfect to your dog. Unconditional love and affection if you are living life alone.

8. It adds a daily routine for you and a great way to start with simple chores for a child. It gives that person a purpose in life.

9. Children also can learn how to deal with an illness or loss. These are valuable life lessons

10. You meet people more easily. Most dogs are great conversation starters. They are sociable creatures. You might meet the love of your life by walking you dog, (romantic movie nerd)

11. Borrow a dog for a day

12. Visit pet shops and stores. Most adopted dogs make the best family pets for life. They love you and will follow you everywhere you go.


Its a doggy dog world, dance in it



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