Five Succulent Garden Ideas for Busy Moms

If you are a busy person like I am OR a green thumb that doesn’t have a lot of time for garden maintenance, succulent gardens are the perfect pick. Here are five DIY ideas this summer for on the go women.

  1. Fill a rugged cement planter (personal fav planters) with a variety of succulents for a container that doesn’t require extensive care.
  2. Make a succulent wreath to hang outside your doorstep.
  3. Fill over size letter containers for unusual and different designs on your patio.
  4. Use dainty combinations of hanging elevated succulents for patios
  5. A great option for a centerpiece on your summer patio table

Succulent plants can look their best when feeling “stressed” – bright sun, high and low temperatures, and dry soil can bring out exceptional colors in some varieties. I also really love the dessert vibes, such as, throwing in a few cactus plants in the mix. And last but not least you could always use faux succulent plants.

Happy gardening,



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