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Do you know those people who you just can’t take anywhere, but know you will have a good time regardless! My mother is one of those people. I pretty much laugh at everything, when I’m not crying about anything! You see, my mom has always reflected what kind of mood I’m in. Thankfully, my entire life growing up was usually somewhat of a comedy show. That being said, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my son has inherited, the same gene pool of emotions. I don’t know if that is for the better or for the worse, but that is simply who we are.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have witness the overly flowing-flowing stream of fashion week pictures. I was honored to be invited as a press blogger, but there was one problem – I had purchased a ticket way in advance, which left my front row seat empty. So guess who my first choice was!? Yep, my dear mother, Pam Hennigan.

So on that Friday we took off. We took off so fast ,that I barely gave my mom a chance to finish her mail route. I said, “mom you look fine, let’s go”. On the way to the fashion show she started talking about her appearance and how she couldn’t believe she was going to a fashion show looking the way she did. Which I admit, she had me in tears laughing at the words coming out of her mouth. Some of them I dare to repeat.

Anyhoo, her outfit details I have to share, I mean after all it is a fashion post, right? A polka dot sleeveless blouse, khaki shorts and sneakers. Don’t ask me from where – Lord only knows, but I do know that she was sitting front row in her stylist attire. Ask her if she cared?

Continuing forward into the night, the laughs just kept coming, as I was snapping pictures. I caught her off guard during one snapshot and it has become one of my favorite pictures of the entire 3 days of snap shots. It seriously goes to show the difference within the fashion industry and girls who are starving for body acceptance. And then there are those who have had enough, and are willing to boldly and beautifully redefine what it means to be fashionable. True fashionable – as in real working, everyday woman, like my mother who is surviving. And honestly the world needs more of them sitting front row.

She is her own trend and is not ashamed of being who she is. I love this about her.

Pamela Hennigan the true fashionista,



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