Dizzy Fun | DeQuincy Railroad Festival

Ever since I started blogging, I knew I wanted to create a lifestyle blog. One reason in particular was because of my child. Right now, he is too young to comprehend the topics I sometimes post, such as my inter most feelings about cancer, love and faith. At the same time, I love throwing in a few posts related to his little lifestyle for him to look back on. Blogging is a great modern-day scrapbook.

I remember festivals as one of my most favorite childhood memories. Although, as a little girl mine mostly consisted of trophies, crowns and big hair. Of course I had a few favorite rides such as, the “Scrambler” and “the flying bobs” also know today, as the Himalaya. Those were great memories for me. I hated the “Zipper” and the ride that was an inclosed spaceship thingy, (the feeling of being sucked into the wall, ahhh) called “Zero Gravity”.

So to say the least, being able to snap moments, through a little boys eyes, has been interesting to watch. The DeQuincy Railroad festival, like most festivals is surrounded by their small town communities. You find your friends huddled in their groups, looking at each other, with a little worry in your eye, “Am I brave enough to ride this ride with them?” as I’m sure those thoughts cross your mind, all at the same time. The day sailed by with more and more tickets, with less and less nerves. And so, there I was watching my baby grow up before my eyes, and  preparing to enter another era of childhood.

Dizzy fun,




    • Kacie
      April 10, 2017 / 10:29 am

      Thank you Liz!! Means a lot to me 😊

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