Lent Series with Prayer Cards Week Five | Arts and Crafts with Kids

This is the fifth week into our Lenten season and boy are we having fun with our prayer cards. Seriously, I’ve enjoyed the children’s cards alittle more than mine. I guess I’m a kid at heart and always will be. I plan to use our prayer cards long after our lent is over, and will continue to blog from time to time with future activities we will be working on.

The more I have thought of little projects to do with Cameron this lent season, the more I realized I don’t need an, “Elf on the Shelf” any longer during Christmas time. BUUUU BYE creepy doll.

No seriosuly, Cameron is getting to the age where it’s kind of getting “babyish” however, he is still a child learning about Jesus. So why not be creative with prayer cards like these with your children. I can’t wait to share what all you can do throughout the year.

This week was killer and we had so much fun! Cameron drinks water all the time, more so than me. In fact, he gets on me because he drinks more water than I do! One of his prayer cards, said to drink nothing but water one day and disregard any sodas. This was a breeze to him, but such a good idea for a child.

Another day was to ask your mom or dad for a really hard job. Cameron decided to tackle a pail of towels for me. He thinks it’s really “cool” to pour liquid inside the washing machine and press the knobs on the dryer. Also, drawing and coloring was fun this week. He wrote down what he was thankful for and another day was to color a picture of a Saint. One of my favorites were tracing his hand. You can learn so much in the easiest ways and i love that.

While I don’t want to spoil every activity this week, I wanted to share this last week before our Holy Week starts. Enjoy!!

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