Ovarian Cancer Awareness – Mother Daughter Trip

This past weekend my mother and I shared a mother/daughter trip. My family and I have always loved the outdoors. I know I carry the zest for what the outdoor world provides as my parents do, I just wish I could carry a green thumb as they always have. I find the outdoors to be a simplistic beauty since I was a little country girl, watching my dad (in his spring chicken days) haul canoes, down a local creek that ran into our back wood community. We would always take a canoeing trip every summer through the evergreens. It would be a little scary at times, wondering if a snake was dangling from the other side of a broken limb, which hung across the riverbanks. My mom would always sit at the front of the canoe. She would lean back, and holler … “dear, dear, dear, dear,” to my dad who sat in the back. I would be in the middle and start to cry, as I thought for sure, snakes would attack our canoe. We were always a nerves bunch of folks, but in the end, we would always make it under the broken limb that hung in our path.


Cancer has now been that broken limb in our path. You see, a few years back my parents were hovered over me at a cancer hospital in Texas. Out came the words of my mother’s voice as she spoke, “Kacie we will do everything we can together”. Her life was going to be over by the time she would reach 52 years old, by ovarian cancer. Thankfully, those were manmade plans and no God’s plans for this beautiful woman. This beautiful woman is now kayaking, hiking, sitting in whimsical trees and touring an abandoned hotel that took her back to a place, where she spent her honeymoon.


In these moments, I am able to remember that there is enough oxygen for my lungs. Well, until a can see the other side of the broken limb with no snakes and no cancer.

I came across the lyrics to a song and I wanted to share them on the blog today. It may take a while to make you smile but you will fall back into place. Eventually. With time. And P.S. my mom will be celebrating her 52nd birthday in two weeks. BOOYAH!

Thanks for reading,


It was late at night You’d held on tight From an empty sea A flash of light

It will take awhile To make you smile

Somewhere in these eyes I’m on your side

You wide eye’d girl You get it right

Fall back into place

Fall back into place

Tender is the night For a broken heart


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