Lent Series with Prayer Cards | Week Three

This week on my Lenten series for kids, it’s all about snacks and giving. My Cam-Man had three ‘fasting’ cards, three ‘give’ cards and one card that explain what the color ‘purple’ symbolizes during lent.

One of the fun activities we are currently working on is card “Day 17”. However, I wanted to do something a little different. Day 17 says, “Bake a yummy batch of brownies or cookies. Bring them to one of your neighbors as a nice surprise”. This is a wonderful idea….

….Except we are baking brownies for his upcoming CCD class this Sunday instead.

Reading the words on your card can spark another thoughtful idea or way to teach your child the importance of being Christ like. This is an excellent reminder that these cards are not just a seasonal item to stuff away in your closet. Furthermore, we can use our imagination in sparking a new idea before, during and after the Lenten season.


Here is another inspiration I’m thinking of working on with my Cam-Man.
Since this is the time for a child’s first Eucharist Retreat, I thought it would be a nice offering of Cameron to write a little note to the class attending their first Holy Communion. Cameron received his first Holy Communion a few years back and he was so nervous, so encouraging Cameron to write a note to others making their first Holy Communion will eagerly come to light!

Here is an added bonus card this week – “Day 21”. Day 21 says, “Skip the desserts and sweets today. This is another sacrifice, and it isn’t going to be easy. When it gets difficult, talk to God about it. He will listen and He knows exactly how you feel.”

On a lighter note, Cameron is glad that he hasn’t come across a card that says, “no iPod today”!





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