Styling a Jumpsuit Part 1

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!! This is my favorite time of year and I must say, I’m not ashamed one bit, sporting around my ashes today. And when it comes to sporting around something you love, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it either!! My wardrobe is no different. I take great pride in recreating a stylish look I saw or creating something of my own.

Don’t be ashamed to find style icons, from the classic Hollywood starlets of the early film years to the movie stars and social media influencers of today. Look for people who you can glean inspiration and confidence from. I appreciate being able to look at the style and smiles of the beautiful plus-size models our media is showing today. I also, appreciate the blogging world, as it is growing more and more popular. No matter your size, ethnicity, or age, there are sources of inspiration. Remember to not create unrealistic ideas, but to appreciate their style and glean inspiration. Grab images online, from magazines, create Pinterest boards, take photos while you are out or make your own inspiration file.

With that being said, I have always loved clothes. In fact, some of my childhood friends are still borrowing them, as they have never returned pieces in my closet. 😊

One of the biggest trends that I’m obsessed with right now are jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are so comfortable and are easy to dress up or dress down from a business look to an afternoon at the ballpark. One of the things I love most about a jumpsuit is the fact that it comes in all one piece! No embarrassing plumbers crack or under garments showing!!

My first look for this jumpsuit is simple but classic. I love the cut V-neck and the sleeve details that make it oh so chic. I instantly knew it would be perfect and comfortable to wear through-out the day. I incorporated a bit of shine in this outfit with a bold statement bracelet and polished it off with black pumps, it adds an effortlessly cool touch without over accessorizing.

Remember if you can, you just told her she can too!

Thanks for following along and let me know what you think of this look in the comment below. Stay tuned for a more casual look with this jumpsuit.

Xoxo, Kacie

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    • Kacie
      March 7, 2017 / 8:34 pm

      Thank you so much!! You can rock it! I would love to know any tips you have when styling a jumper

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