Travel Diaries: Georgia and CTCA


Hey everyone! I’m in the process of exploring more into my blog and learning how to make videos. It has been such a blessing that we received great news from the Cancer Treatment Center, this past trip.

As a result in my mothers chemo pills are doing their job and her blood count is back down! God is so good even when I’m so undeserving of his blessings.

Anyways, here is a small video travel diary clip I wanted to share.

My mom was so sick with an upper respiratory infection this trip, which meant as soon as we arrived, she went straight to urgent care for some relief. An I.V. and many medicines later she was feeling better.

The next day we met with her doctor and went over blood work and test results. Her doctor walked in and yawned threw her test results on the counter and said this is boring! Don’t come back in 4 months!! Her doctor is truly the best doctor in the world. She sits with my mom and listens to her talk, talk, talk, and talk, (my mom can be quite the chatter box at times) it really is fun to listen to them. Specially when good news arises.

We know her cancer will come back we just don’t know when or where, but God has giving me great memories with my parents. I will never be able to thank him enough in prayer.

Below is a little video of our travels. Stay tuned for more videos to come!

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