Merry Christmas From ParadiseRoads: Presents In Presence








I initially was going to share cute ways to wrap presents for your special someone this year. However, this has been my schedule as of lately:

12 hours of the Christmas Story

11 last minute check outs

10 o’clock Mass that I Never made

9 dollars overdraft

8 sad memories

7 un-answered messages

6 exhausting headaches

5 alarms of ringing

4 chocolate doughnuts

3 am wake up calls asking if we can open presents

2 dogs a barking


A mother who needs me.

I was able to manage to take a few pictures of some great wrapping ideas for next year. I believe everything done needs to have a special touch added. I love the idea of turning the wrapping paper inside out and coloring on it for your children. It really makes them feel like they have a one of a kind gift from Santa.

Of course, it is all of the in-between moments that can’t be captured or colored on, that matter more. As night falls and as Christmas is about to close. I can’t help to pray… “lord, thank you for today and please let me have another Christmas with my mom.

Merry Christmas,



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