The Flat Stanley Project: Part One

The Flat Stanley Project: Part One

I have had several people ask what is a Flat Stanley? Well, to be honest I didn’t have a clue until my son brought him home one afternoon and said: “here mom”. Flat Stanley is a book for students to read in the class rooms. He is a boy who gets flattened and then travels the world by mail.



This little guy is now a classroom project and has been sent home as a cutout to make our own flat character.



At the end of the year, students bring their cutouts (Stanley) and share where they have taken or mailed him throughout the year.


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You can check out more information about Flat Stanley down below. Apparently they have a ton of adventure books you can purchase, print your own Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley tracker and downloads.



I must admit it’s been interesting to keep up with an extra “person” in my pocket! 😉



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