Making A List, Checking It Twice

One movie in particular comes to mind as I’m writing this blog and that is, “Jingle All the Way”. Perhaps you remember the movie about the dad running all over town trying to buy the last popular super hero action figure of the season and then the happy ending comes with the dad actually being the super hero in the Christmas parade.

Every year we all sing  Christmas songs and watch movies about giving, we make lists, and pile up the presents under the trees. It can be easy to allow this annual ritual to become somewhat mechanical, and just trying to check people off our list. How can we remember to hold each person unique.

Most importantly what are we teaching our children.   That Christmas is all about running after the last plastic super hero on the shelves?

Its important for us to remember the one true reason for Christmas. I personally should think Christmas should be spelled with an extra “S”. Christ-mass!!

This year I came across this beautiful personalized box from the Catholic Company. Inside the box you will find an assortment of true heros for them to treasure for a lifetime.

Our personal favorite is Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Michael the Archangel. Each Saint figure comes with their own special prayer card attached. It’s a beautiful way to teach our children that Christmas shouldn’t be about running around in the mad rush of the traffic but rather, checking our list twice to make sure we are giving our children Christmas memories to build on.

This year hop on over to the Catholic Company and give someone a personalized gift this year from the heart.



**this post is in collaboration with the Catholic Company.








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