Backyard Camping with The Catholic Company

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The sweet memories of playing outside as a child consist of making my own tent with hanging sheets and camping under a porch with my childhood girlfriends. This was my comfort zone at home in my own backyard. My child now is growing up the exact same way except he gets a real tent! I hope this fall, (when the weather gets cooler) to really make a camping adventure with him. The moments of bonding in a sacred place such as beneath a tent are the sweet and soulful slices of life to me, like being barefoot, surrounded by pillows and campfire treats, playing cards or board games with my son. One of the greatest memories I hope Cameron has, as a child, is the fact that he can always look back and remember where his faith started. The Catholic bible addition I just recently purchased from “The Catholic Company” is a great way for both Cameron and I to learn together. A few of the questions are as listed:
Miracles Performed By Jesus
Books In the New Testament
Occasions For Annointing With Oil

This is such a great game to play with your child and I’m learning as I go too and in this moments I reconnect to the memories of playing outside as a child. Go to The Catholic Company for more of your camping and gaming needs J


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