5 Tips On Improving Your Mother/Daughter Relationship

My mom and I have always had a very unusual relationship. Growing up, we were more like sisters instead of the mother/daughter relationship you typically see, at times this hasn’t always been the best in regarding my much needed own personal space and trying to find my own identity from hers.


However, I can tell you, I would never change anything for the world with my mom. I had never imagined that we would be so attached and that the fear of cancer will/could one day separate us by death. In fact, you learn real quick how close death can come. The one thing that I am slowly learning is that the facts or simple. We were born to die. Something in life will eventually get us and take us from our love ones.

Here are five simple rules on working together and surviving your mother/daughter relationship that I’m learning along the way.

1. Communicate: no matter what, always call, text, email. Do whatever you can to check on one another. Don’t assume everything is ok.

2. Let It Go: Your mother will always respond the way she always has. First and foremost she is your mother. Give her the benefit of the doubt too often we hang on to old stuff. LET IT GO!

3. Bless and Release: Vent to your mother, never be scared to express your feelings about anything and everything.

4. Forgive: Try to remember that your mother is her own person set aside from the role you have always known her as. We are all human and make mistakes. Cut her some slack. After all, she might not have anyone else besides you to talk too.

5. Have Fun Together: Shop, eat, travel, gossip – the world is unstoppable together!

We never know how long we have on this Earth. No matter what make sure your last words you say to each other are, “I love you”.





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