Pray For Louisiana: Sunnier Days Ahead

I know I’m not the only one to venture back to my parents in search of meaning. To feel a piece of where my roots started. If gives me that boost of peace and rejuvenation I need, but for many over this past week it has seriously been devastating to see their roots be flooded by water.



For most this will be a hard journey to rebuild but as communities do, it will be where families flourish and thrive in the days and months to come.

Today, I inhaled the fresh air and sunshine. I watched my mom work in her garden. Pulling weeds and dancing around feeling alive. Thinking and praying how it has been such a hard winter to bare, then walked around looking at all the new flowers blooming, how beautiful this day was and how cancer was just like the flooded communities we have right now and thinking this too shall pass for all the victims involved. That knowing there will be sunnier days ahead.

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“I do not walk on pavement.
Cement saying i am city –
Suburban in the worlds finery.

I walk off the beaten path:
The grass in a sea of sidewalks,
The shortcuts through mud and plant,
The leaves laying brown in the gutters.

In minds eye, I am country –
Meandering through the wheat stalks
When the sun is newly kissing their grains,
Passing through the maize in golden noons before, or trailing through fields of sunflowers
Leaning their faces toward heavens beyond.

– s. donawerth

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Xoxo – pray for La


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