The Abandon Backroad: My Neverland

as I stood there looking at this old abandoned house, I couldn’t help but think: The country is my Neverland, it brings me back to my childhood a little girl surrounded by her memories…

This past Saturday morning I loaded my jeep down and headed to a town that will always have my heart. Recently I’ve had a particular obsession for old abandon places, yes they can be a little creepy, but there is always a story behind a house like that and I knew just where to start with mine.


For me, this old house definitely comes with a great memory of my childhood. This elderly woman use to live down the road from my grandfathers farm. She became rather close to our family at the time and counted on us to watch over her home and animals while she traveled from time to time.

I remember gradually making our way down the old deer lease road she lived on. I also remember the old red Ford pick up truck taking us there, window always down and my pigtails dangling over my shoulds, happy as could be.

Arriving at her house I imagined it much like my grandfathers farm with cows, goats and chickens that I was anticipating to feed – but boy was I wrong! My mom gets out and she hollers  out: “kee-kee-kee-kee”, I kid you not out runs 20 – 30 cats!


No Joke!

But the funny thing was this poor old lady loved every. Single. One of them. Every cat had a name and every cat had their own personal cat food. She made sure she left instructions for each one and where they had to be fed.

An old freezer sat on her porch filled with all the different kind of cat foods. A few cats had to be fed at the right side of the porch, a couple on the left side of the porch, some in the center of the porch, on top of the freezer and on the porch steps.



The porch was alive that day as I was just a little thing helping feed all those cats but what was also alive was the feeling I had looking at that old abandoned house this past weekend. Thinking back at another great memory with my mom and my childhood. I eventually got the shots I wanted and drove off in my jeep thinking about the country and how it creates this amazing opportunity to just recharge. From the country I can look back and see what all that matters to me.


We all need a “Neverland”, for me it’s the country back roads where I grew up and shared so many memories as a little farm girl.





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